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7 Nutritional Benefits of Desi Ghee!

7 Nutritional Benefits of Desi Ghee!

Desi ghee is India's most prestigious food treasure and is closely linked to the country's heritage. From cooking to being used in native Indian traditions, it plays a significant role in the lives of Indians, be it a marriage or a medical issue, Desi ghee is there to the rescue.

The ultimate power that Desi ghee possesses is the sole reason why desi ghee has been passed on to generations in Indian families, Its rich nutritional value aids in many ailments. 

The abundance of Vitamin A, omega three fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid supplement us to keep our hearts and bones in good shape, reduces stomach inflammation, bolsters immunity, solves digestion and menstrual problems, and provides a cluster of benefits to the skin.

Let us dive deep into the benefits of Desi Ghee!!

  1. Keeps you warm during winter- The presence of fat content in desi ghee helps you to stay warm even during winter. That is why desi ghee is used more in the winter season for several dishes like halwa, pinni, and panjiri.
  2. Boosts energy- Fat content in desi ghee makes it a good source of energy booster for anyone. It is highly beneficial for nursing mothers as it helps them to regain their energy. Therefore, they are advised by the family members to have ludos and panjeeri.
  3. Good for heart health- Unlike popular beliefs, desi ghee is a much healthier choice compared to refined oils. It lowers your bad cholesterol and increases your good cholesterol.
  4. Good for skin health- Suitable for all skin types, making desi ghee a good source of treatment for the skin and it helps to elevate the hydration of the skin.
  5. Lowers Glycemic Index- Applying desi ghee on paratha and Rotis makes them easier to digest and lowers the Glycemic Index.
  6. Healthy for the intestine- It is one of the richest food sources of butyric acid which is an important source to support the walls of your intestine.
  7. Treats nasal congestion- To get rid of nasal congestion ayurvedic experts have a remedy that is called Nasya treatment. According to the experts, you have to put two drops of warm desi ghee into your nostrils in the morning and you will be free from infections and colds.

Wasn't that amazing? Edana Farms have the purest desi ghee waiting just for you!!

Using traditional agricultural practices, Edana Farms strives to produce organic food. Products at Edana Farms convey the power and strength of nature.


The Sahiwal cow is a native breed of cow from the Punjab region that produces milk high in A2, from which the purest type of Desi Ghee known to exist in this form is obtained. It has detoxifying and nourishing properties as well. It contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins A, E, D, and K. 

So, if you're looking for the ideal partner for your delectable recipes that are good for both your taste and your health, look no further. 

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